A loyalty program in every device. Never pay for advertising again.


How It Works

A revolutionary customer acquisition and loyalty program for
brick-and-mortar businesses around the world.

Risk Free

No investments without returns. Only pay a percentage of each realized sale, and a part of it is returned to the customer as cashback.

Works on Any Device

No additional equipment required. Easy and intuitive to use. One tap of the screen by the customer, one tap of the screen by the merchant.

Born Global

Available out of the box anywhere in the world. Always scales with your business.


Easy to Start Dashing!

Acquire new quality customers

Only pay for realized sales.

Start a loyalty program for free.

Increase your customer retention.

No equipment investments required.

Works on any smartphone of tablet.

Easy and hassle-free to use.

One tap of the screen per customer.

Competely vendor-independent.

No complicated integrations into your cashier system.

What Is Micro Cashback?

Micro Cashback is the core concept behind Cashdasher. We want you to earn back money for every purchase you make, everywhere, no matter how small. The merchant pays a small fee for every realized transaction and a part of that is always returned to the customer.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Earn back money from all your everyday purchases. See how many small transactions quickly amount to a lot.

Withdraw to your back account

One free withdrawal per month. And you can withdraw at any time at cost.

Why Use Cashdasher?

For the merchant, it's risk-free. No upfront costs and you only pay for realized sales.

For the customer, it's an easy and attractive way to earn back money from all your everyday purchases.

Available Everywhere

Earn Cashback from different businesses all around the world.

No Vouchers

Hard cash straight to your bank account when you want to.

One App

Use your smartphone or tablet instead of dozens of old-fashioned loyalty cards.

Earn with Everyday Purchases

Cashdasher is independent, which means you’re not tied to any particular business or chain.